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- I offer a range of consultations and sessions to suit your needs:


Private Channeled Sessions

A private channeling session with me, is direct, clear, loving, empowering, and often life-changing, where you are in direct communication with my Guides ‘Tarp’. Tarp have assisted hundreds of individuals all around the world to heal, receive clarity on their life purpose and lessons, and take empowered steps to create the life they most desire.  They are extremely wise, loving, and benevolent beings, who are happy to assist you from their elevated perspective with all areas of your life. People frequently inquire about relationships, physical issues, blockages, belief systems, goals, soul history, and life purpose and mission.

To assist those wanting to understand, to grow and realise their paths.


Spiritual Life Coaching

I offer Spiritual Life Coaching to help individuals feel happy, healthy and fulfilled, or so they can overcome obstacles and move towards a rewarding and enlightened life, more connected, conscious and free from traumas and negative patterns. The process is both clarifying and defining and helps empower people to move forward confidently. I’m here to give support to those sensitive individuals that may be healers, inspirers and helpers too… That are awakening and beginning to realise that they are worthy and Divine, that they are Spiritual beings having a human experience during a great shift in consciousness on our planet. Any earnest seekers ready to let more light in on their past pains to move forward as a sovereign Human Being. I have coached hundreds of individuals and know that this process is life changing. I now offer channeled wisdom to complement the coaching sessions if this is requested by clients.


Private Meditation, & Breathwork Sessions

I offer meditation sessions to all levels (beginners welcome) and also breath-work sessions. These can be taken alone or combined. Online or in-person.

Meditation Sessions are taught or guided by me and allow people to calm and focus the mind and body. Sessions bring a deep sense of well-being and peace- often accompanied by feelings of bliss, inspiration and personal insight. Even for those that say they can’t meditate. This is also for those who want to become accustomed to deeper practice. It serves as a bridge to experience theta brain states, & more profound states of Being. In general, Meditation clarifies one’s perspective, cleans energy meridiens, focus’s the mind and builds energy and strength in the body.

Breathwork sessions with me are valuable to get you in optimal condition for focus, deep sleep, recovery and meditation. Your breath is your life-force. I’m an expert in guiding individuals through breath and meditation and it has been a part of my life for 20 years, both personally and teaching to others.


Channeling Training

Private or Online. I offer Channeling training to help individuals experience reality beyond their five senses and more expanded consciousness, to connect with their Higher Selves in order to intuit and receive wisdom from their own Guides (which may be Ascended Masters, Angels, and ETs) and how to anchor this wisdom down into daily life; Become aware of their innate healing capacity & evolve consciousness for higher states of Being.

If you are unsure if Channeling, Spiritual Life Coaching, Meditation or Breathwork is right for you, please feel free to give me a call for an initial free chat, to discuss.

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