Gayle is a respected trance channeler. For 3 years, she and her Guides - Tarp - have helped hundreds of individuals receive clarity on their life path and mission. She is committed to providing information and practices that support self empowerment, healing, and growth.”

A private channeling session with me is an intimate, benevolent experience where you are in direct communication with a collective consciousness of ‘teachers’ known as ‘Tarp’.

To assist those wanting to understand, to grow and realise their paths. This work can assist with light-workers and those wishing to connect with their own personal guides and healing capacities. 

I am a conscious trance channel, who translates ‘thought forms’ verbally and gives energy through my hands, to relay detailed teachings about your path and purpose and to life’s greater picture.

‘Tarp’ also gives guidance to any challenges or problems you are facing. Furthermore, it is the intention to assist Lightworkers, empaths and sensitive individuals to identify their soul’s purpose and collective assignment in this incarnation and raise it to a higher dimensional frequency.

Clients often walk away with clarity, direction and understanding as to their life’s purpose as well as a sense of deep peace.

I have two session options to choose from:
  • Remote Live Channeled session

30 mins


60 mins


  • In-Person Channeled session

For individuals and small groups, families, friends at your home or venue

Channeled Workshops

I offer channeled workshops at live appearances in various locations. Be part of the collective consciousness in these intimate connections to spirit that are uniquely designed to serve the vibrational needs of all attendees. Workshops include a mix of conscious and trance channeling, meditations, activations and light-coded transmissions. A loving, high vibration is present on each recording to experience every time you interact with the Guides.

private meditation

"Incredible, Amazing, and just Beautiful all around. Never had an experience like hers. I have been searching for someone who can channel Spirit like her. My body physically was reacting, and I was connected in a space that was all encompassing in the present moment. I was in tuned with my higher self on a conscious level."

— CD, California

"This was a reading like no other I’ve had. Gayle goes into a trance and you speak with her higher guides. She is very unique and engaging!"

— WD, Texas

"She is a fascinating and unique spiritual messenger who works with higher energy from a different planetary dimension. MUST TRY!"

— SS, Conneticut

"Gayle provides a very safe and friendly space as she channels Tarp and as a complete novice to channelling, I found that all of my questions, which may have seemed trivial to some, were treated with both respect and care. The answers were surprising, illuminating, intriguing and for me really helpful. I will certainly consult Tarp again through Gayle and cannot thank Gayle enough for introducing me to Tarp."

— Claire, Germany

"Very precise. The answers to my questions matched the current situation and were very insightful. A great instrument to help fine tuning and interpreting events in a profound way with the aid of constructive suggestions"

— RS, Rome

"I was overjoyed and quite simply blown away to witness her personality self stepping aside and see in her space the consciousness of these wonderfully wise and evolved Light Beings , who we know as Tarp. Gayle is the real deal and these spectacular beings guided me to new perspectives on various issues that I sat with for many years. Thank You Tarp and Thank You dear Gayle for providing such a valuable service at this extremely ‘interesting ‘ period on our beautiful Planet."

— Michael Muller, Spain

What to Expect In Private Sessions:

Private Sessions with me are available in-person or via Zoom for both individuals and small groups. During a private session, I will go into the trans-dimensional state and connect with Tarp or other guides.


I am a conscious trance channel. This means that I remember most, if not all what was said in the session. As I enter this state, your are making direct contact with your Higher Self also, using my body and mind as a conduit to translate high vibrational information and energy. I will mainly be channeling Tarp.  Other times, one very significant Guide may appear that is particular to that client.

During each channeling session, I begin with a statement of intention designed to call in the highest Guides to address your questions and current challenges. I encourage you to plan ahead and think about your intentions for the session. I can accomplish a lot in a 30 minutes time-frame and a lot more still, with a 1 hour’s session.

Multiple areas of your life, including guidance on physical health, relationships, spiritual gifts, your soul’s path and purpose, can all be addressed in a session. It is best to keep your intentions somewhat open, allowing your session to bring you the most important wisdom you need on your path at this very moment. But specific questions can also be answered that are in your best interest

Remember, you are directly receiving light coded information and frequencies during this interaction with higher dimensional beings, so finding a quiet space and time to receive and integrate the energy is recommended. While accessing your record, your  structure is flooded with new information, moving you forward physically and energetically, expanding your DNA, opening new opportunities and enhancing your creativity.

Often with in-person sessions, I engage in a hands-on energy facilitation, directed by the collective consciousness.  The transmission of energy works very deeply into your system, and continues to penetrate over the days following a session. This hands-on experience releases blocks in energy flow and both enhances and opens the flow of energy in the chakras.  There is a recalibration and clearing of energy and the subconscious mind.   The intelligent energy that works isn’t interested in the story of what has happened, just in restoring you to wholeness.

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How it works:

Channeling is a process of vibrational match. I enter a trance state, move my mind aside and raise my energy. The most appropriate guides and beings that match your intentions will perceive that energy and begin matching frequencies. Often your Guides and Higher Self make contact with a Tarp and then information flows into my consciousness. So, your guides are using My body, voice, hands, eyes and energy to translate messages. There is direct interaction and communication between the beings present and the person or people receiving the messages. Messages are translated in words and concepts that are available and familiar to Gayle; but the vibration present is always energetically working behind the words to make the most significant impact.

Stars reflected in the water of the archipelago during sunset. Cool green and orange looks like the creation of the world.

Channeled messages are not designed to take away your suffering or current life struggle.  Having a channeled session does not mean everything will come simply, that you can relax and do nothing, or that all of your problems will be solved. You are still responsible for making physical decisions, and taking inspired action. You will receive this inspiration from your Guides in many forms, both verbal and vibrational.

If you are looking for a prediction or yes/no answer, channeling may not be the right tool for you.

Higher vibrational beings will always encourage you to make your own free will choice, rather than giving a definitive yes or no or asking you to blindly follow what they tell you to do. They are here to provide the insights and wisdom you need to support your decision making and creative process.  Tarp and your loving guides relay messages designed to uplift you to become even more self-sufficient, rather than blindly following what they say without questioning. Their respect for your sovereignty is paramount. And they provide a vision that your higher self knows, expanding potential in all areas of your life.


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