Tarp Energy Healing Treatment

Channeled remote energy facilitation

Energy Healing Treatments are available remotely with Gayle Thomas channeling Tarp.
These are held remotely, by appointment. This is a wonderful opportunity to receive customised energy transmission and healing.

This treatment is a channeled remote energy facilitation, for clearing, activation, healing and rejuvenation.  Directed by the collective consciousness that is Tarp, through Gayle. 

This may be perfect for you if you are saying things to yourself like: 

  • I want more out of life, but don’t know what to do

  • I’m stuck

  • I have goals, but they seem so far away

  • I have a lot of good ideas, but never follow through with them

  • I don’t even know what I want; I just know I want more

  • I feel like I was meant for more, I was meant to do great things

  • I struggle to stay focused and constantly procrastinate

  • Who am I? Its been so long since I’ve focused on myself, I’ve forgotten

  • I know what I want and I would like support and accountability to achieve it


I am blessed to have found my way to Gayle, she is a warm, and very welcoming, grounded high vibe intuitive soul, who has an open, yet direct approach to working with energy healing. However, above all of those truths, the most important thing to know is that she is genuine. 

I have been fortunate to attend 3 of Gayle's channelled activations events, within both an individual and group setting, in which she channels TARP, a group within the collective consciousness and I have also received hands on healing. 

Since I have been seeing Gayle, my life has changed in all directions. Many layers of entrenched childhood trauma have lifted, I can see I am less attached to my past, and far more present in my truth. I now trust my intuition and act on the information it gives to me, this has increased my self-confidence and self -esteem. I also feel there is a stronger and more sincere heart connection to all, my consciousness has evolved to sense the oneness, this inturn has enabled a reverence of my own self worth and love of self and consequently there is a deepening acceptance of others. The previous version of me would cringe at the above description, me?right now? I am in the midst of the most beautiful and life affirming romance of One and All.

It is a great honour and most humbling to both observe Gayle channelling TARP and then to have an opportunity to engage with such a unique communication as TARP. 

 To anyone who is considering booking with Gayle as a channel or a facilitator for their own healing journey, though may be a little unsure, I would say book a session, and have a chat with her, Gayle will support you on your journey and at the very least you'll feel her warmth and wisdom, what is there to lose? only the past and perhaps like me, you will leave the session lightened of a layer or two and emboldened with a few channelled insights.  

Rosemary the Healer

Tarp Energy Healing Treatment


  • A private Tarp energy healing treatment
  • 3x15 minute sessions with Gayle.
How does it work?

During the session, Gayle goes into deep meditation and connects with the consciousness of Tarp. She allows herself to become an empty vessel, or channel for Universal or Cosmic energy to flow through Tarp and her body, into her hands and directly into the client. Gayle intuitively follows instructions from Tarp on where to visualise her hands or direct inpouring of energy on the clients body.  Sometimes this may be directly to the site of pain or discomfort if the client is feeling any, or to a place that needs energy that the client is not aware of.  Sometimes the hands go to chakra and meridian points and particular circuits of energy that need boosting, activating, clearing or balancing. Sometimes the hands are on the body ,sometimes the hands are held over the body. Wherever she can, Gayle will keep her hands off the clients body.

Gayle is simply the facilitator for a healing energy to make contact with the client. To understand what is actually going on during these treatments is that Gayle is channeling and doing for the client in a more consciously directed way than what the client may feel they can do for themselves. It is a sort of spiritual ESP that takes place between her and the client.

The transmission of energy works very deeply into your system, and continues to penetrate over the days following a session. This hands-on experience releases blocks in energy flow and both enhances and opens the flow of energy in the chakras.  There is a recalibration and clearing of energy and the subconscious mind.   The intelligent energy that works isn’t interested in the story of what has happened, just in restoring you to wholeness.

In this treatment you are directly receiving light coded information and frequencies during this interaction with higher dimensional beings, so finding a quiet space and time to receive and integrate the energy is recommended. While accessing your record, your  structure is flooded with new information, moving you forward physically and energetically, expanding your DNA, opening new opportunities and enhancing your creativity.

We know that the healing energy does not come directly from Gayle, but is channeled through her so as not to use or drain her energy.

What the world at large perhaps do not collectively realise, is that everybody is capable of healing on some level. Healing pre-dates any kind of medicine and it’s primordially ancient. Rather than a complicated explanation, it’s the intention of the healer which is the ‘power’ within the process. The intent to want to make better, reduce pain, and, in essence, improve the quality of life.


Gayle does all that she can in her life to establish and maintain as close contact with Tarp and Universal, Cosmic energy within herself through her meditation and channeling. In this respect she makes herself and this connection readily available for those that wish for this kind of healing, activation, clearing and balancing work to be done for them.

Ultimately, there is but One healing energy in the Universe that is at the centre of all living beings – All have this Cosmic, Universal energy at the foundation of their physical existence. Gayle, by reaching this energy within herself, thus contacts this energy within the client and can direct it intuitvely to where and what the client needs for healing and wholeness to occur.  Then the clients consciousness can stimulate the chemical, electrical and energetic action necessary within the body to affect the healing.

Gayle practises with knowledge of the anatomy of the energy body.


These treatments are by appointment only and are practiced from a treatment room.

Tarp Energy Healing Treatment


  • A private Tarp energy healing treatment
  • 3x15 minute sessions with Gayle.

"Gayle is a life-changer…

I was weighed down. I was trapped in my own traumas. I felt I was doing what was right. Not what was rewarding. I wanted my life to be about me.com.

A friend whose counsel I value suggested Gayle to me.

In my first session, I wept. I felt relieved and redeemed. I had finally flung the albatross off my back.

I got direction. I was motivated. I found my purpose. I became the man I would like to hang out with. I decided, as you Gayle suggested " Don’t die with the music within you" I heard my music and i am going to play it for the world. I found the playlist that I would listen to every day of my life."

Swapan seth

“I cherish my coaching sessions with Gayle. She always comes out with the most amazing gold to nurture you and spur you on to achieve your goals. I always felt called to come out as about my healing abilities but felt very frightened to do so for fear of being judged, rejection, all the usual crap blah blah blah. Gayle egged me on and because of her motivation I am now very busy with clients. She encouraged me to feel and fear and step out and I will always be grateful. This amazing genuine lady has nothing but pure intentions towards you. All she wants is the best for you. I cannot recommend her coaching highly enough. She is a treasure in my life and will be in yours."

Sandy Goel, Healer

“ I WANTED TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATION AND PASSION YOU HAV PUT IN OUR COACHING PROGRAM. I succeeded to make peace with my mom, to see her with different eyes, find peace inside my soul, and rediscover my femininity. Thanks for being such a warm and caring coach.”

Anna Daud, Actor, Playwrite

“Gayle’s guidance was unfailingly delivered in a gentle and practical manner – a reflection of her calm and compassionate nature. She provided me with clear and valuable steps to help me towards the path of self-fulfilment in several aspects of my life. Throughout the process, she frequently helped to identify and utilise my strengths, which provided me with additional confidence and a stronger belief that I could reach my intentions. I recommend the process wholeheartedly and without reservation.”

Christopher English - Writer, Chef

“Everything in Gayle’s sessions is a briliant synthesis of insight, guidance, warmth and wisdom that opened my heart and calmed my mind.  I gained clarity and direction for my year ahead.”

SC, London

“To shift perspectives easily, to see the world from a clearer point of view has helped me immensely to understand who I am and what I want to do in my life.  Gayle’s tools and skills have the potential to improve every aspect of your life.”

Susan Gough, Journalist

“Gayle is inspiring, massively encouraging, uber bright and forward-thinking who could motivate ANYONE!”

Cynthia Conran, Model, Actor


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