TARP Holotope Artwork



Embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and personal growth with this mesmerising piece of art, created by AI using the prompt from channeled consciousness TARP. This artwork is designed to represent and integrate various aspects of an individual’s consciousness, spirituality, and personal development.

This 400x400mm artwork serves as a holistic visualisation tool, capturing higher vibratory energy.
Channeled Consciousness: Created using insights from TARP, this artwork embodies a higher level of spiritual guidance and wisdom.
Ideal as a piece of decorative art, or for use in meditation, or as a focal point in personal development practices, this piece aids in the integration of various aspects of the self.

High-Quality Print: Available as a giclée print on premium paper, ensuring vibrant colors and fine details. Size: 40x40cm. Price: £58.
FUJI CRYSTAL ARCHIVE: Offered in matte or gloss finish for a stunning visual impact. Size: 40x40cm. Price: £45.
Customization: Additional sizes and finishes available upon request.

Spiritual Enrichment: Enhances your spiritual practice by providing a visual anchor for meditation and introspection.
Personal Growth: Facilitates the integration of personal experiences and insights, leading to greater self-awareness and enlightenment.
Artistic Beauty: A captivating piece of art that brings a touch of cosmic beauty to any space.
Thank you for your interest and patience. If this resonates with you, I would be delighted to arrange for the printing and delivery of this spiritually enriching artwork.

Weight 1 kg


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