JOYFUL JOURNEY: 3 Months to Your True Self – Coaching Program


Amazing Life! Spiritual Life Coaching Program 3 Month All-Inclusive Package.  Turn your Wishlist into reality.  This program offers a Life-changing Journey to an empowered, fulfilled and joyful You.  Gayle will assist you to Achieve ANYTHING  you truly want in your life and break away from habitual ways of living.

JOYFUL JOURNEY: 3 Months to Your True Self!

3 MONTH All-inclusive package of spiritual life coaching with Gayle


The New & Improved Amazing Life! Joyful Journey Spiritual Life Coaching Program 3 Month All-Inclusive Package.  Will enable you to turn your Wishlist into reality!  This program offers a Life-changing Journey to an empowered, fulfilled and joyful You.  Gayle will assist you to Achieve ANYTHING  you truly want in your life and break away from habitual ways of living.- In health, abundance, fulfilment, purpose and relationships.

This includes:

  • An initial channeled online consultation with Tarp to give guidance on your life path (45 mins)
  • 1 initial 60-90 minute consultation with Gayle.
  • On going amendments & adaptations to your journey according to changes and results as we find them.
  • 40 minute weekly calls over the phone or zoom along with email support
  • 2 follow up 60 minute consultations with Gayle by zoom
How it will look:

After an appointment is booked, I shall send you a questionnaire (by email) and ask you to fill it in and return it to me by the consultation day.

The initial consultation I will be channeling Tarp, who will give guidance to any challenges or problems you are facing, to relay teachings or methods for you to create positive change in yourself and detailed guidance as to your path, purpose and life’s greater picture.   Their primary intention is to assist you into greater awakening and consciousness, so you let more ‘light’ into your life. Understanding your human objective, empowering you into your gifts in this incarnation and to raise you to a higher vibrational frequency and to gain understanding on your Souls’ purpose.  

We will then schedule a second consultation with me.

During the second consultation with me, and taking into consideration what Tarp has said, we shall discuss in detail your main desires/issues/challenges, habits and lifestyle factors that may contribute to how you are feeling and where you find yourself currently in life. I may use a range of tools such as meditation, holistic coaching tools, energy practises, breath work, yoga therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, affirmation, prayer and work in trance.

We will follow up over the remaining weeks with weekly calls, two full consultations, and email support feedback, amend, tweak and make adaptations to your journey.

What People say about the Coaching Program with Gayle:


Swapan Seth
“ Gayle is a life-changer…
I was weighed down. I was trapped in my own traumas. I felt I was doing what was right. Not what was rewarding. I wanted my life to be about
A friend whose counsel I value suggested Gayle to me.
In my first session, I wept. I felt relieved and redeemed. I had finally flung the albatross off my back.
I got direction. I was motivated. I found my purpose. I became the man I would like to hang out with. I decided, as you Gayle suggested ” Don’t die with the music within you” I heard my music and i am going to play it for the world. I found the playlist that I would listen to every day of my life.”


Sandy Goel, Healer
“I cherish my coaching sessions with Gayle. She always comes out with the most amazing gold to nurture you and spur you on to achieve your goals. I always felt called to come out as about my healing abilities but felt very frightened to do so for fear of being judged, rejection, all the usual crap blah blah blah. Gayle egged me on and because of her motivation I am now very busy with clients. She encouraged me to feel and fear and step out and I will always be grateful. This amazing genuine lady has nothing but pure intentions towards you. All she wants is the best for you. I cannot recommend her coaching highly enough. She is a treasure in my life and will be in yours. “


Ana Daud, Actor, Playwright
“ I WANTED TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATION AND PASSION YOU HAV PUT IN OUR COACHING SESSIONS. Throughout the program, I succeeded to make peace with my mom, to see her with different eyes, find peace inside my soul, and rediscover my femininity. Thanks for being such a warm and caring coach.”


Christopher English, Writer, Chef
“Gayle’s guidance was unfailingly delivered in a gentle and practical manner – a reflection of her calm and compassionate nature. She provided me with clear and valuable steps to help me towards the path of self-fulfilment in several aspects of my life. Throughout the process, she frequently helped to identify and utilise my strengths, which provided me with additional confidence and a stronger belief that I could reach my intentions. I recommend the process wholeheartedly and without reservation.”


SC, London
“Everything in Gayle’s programme is a brilliant synthesis of insight, guidance, warmth and wisdom that opened my heart and calmed my mind.  I gained clarity and direction for my year ahead.”


Susan Gough, Journalist
“To shift perspectives easily, to see the world from a clearer point of view has helped me immensely to understand who I am and what I want to do in my life.  Gayle’s tools and skills have the potential to improve every aspect of your life.”


Cynthia Conran, Model, Actor
“Gayle is inspiring, massively encouraging, uber bright and forward-thinking who could motivate ANYONE!”


Anthony Harrison-Griffin
“Gayle has allowed me to look further into myself in a way that I haven’t allowed myself or others to do before. Mostly due to her ability to create a safe, supportive state of mind. Gayle has a calm, engaging, non-judgemental, comfortability radiating from her. Bringing feelings of positive, constructive, life-journey making.
I’m always eager to have our next session, without feelings of apprehension.”


Vadim Turcanu, Award-Winning Author, Coach
“Its a speedy time in my professional and personal life and having a perspective from a coach with a good heart came as a blessing in the form of a session with Gayle. The experience was reflective and valuable as the fast pace of life can just drag you along. It was great to have constructive feedback through the exercise conducted by Gayle. It helped me see sides I was overseeing and because of the rapport and trust built with the coach, it helped me implement and take care of those things. I would highly recommend working Gayle’s program and sessions for those who are moving fast and want someone knowledgable and caring to show the blindspots. Thanks a lot for your time Gayle!”


Yannis Papastamatiou, Professor, Marine Biologist
“Things have become somewhat stagnant in my professional career and my personal life needed some focus, so I welcomed the chance for coaching. My experience with Gayle was very positive.I am not someone who is normally very open, I can be sceptical and have a scientific mind by nature, but Gayle quickly put me at ease and some of the exercises we did really surprised me in terms of how they got me to respond. I would absolutely recommend these sessions to others. Gayle is an easy person to talk to and her kind and caring demeanour makes me (and others) trust her.Ultimately, these are the traits you want someone entrusted with helping you re-structure your life to have!”


Sonali Shah, Entrepreneur
“I had just moved from one continent to another; feeling overwhelmed by the move and all the changes that come with it but also lost and confused in how to start over. I needed someone to help me put all the pieces of the puzzle together and to shape the next stage of my life carefully. Within the very first session, I felt I learned things about myself that I had never known before. Gayle and I did a very fun but productive exercise that made me tap into a part of myself I had never explored before. I would definitely recommend a session to everyone!”
Sahan Ray, Business Development Manager
A new window to life!
Gayle is an empathetic, influential and skillful holistic life coach. Session with her was one of the most enlightening and productive episodes for me. She helped me understand myself and my priorities if life in a deeper way. Together we charted out paths I would be taking and goals I want to achieve in the future. Time with her helps to elevate self awareness and happiness of mind and makes one feel at peace.
Gayle used very effective framework and open communication techniques. She is well versed in tuning the session to the the need to the person. Our session was very versatile and helped me think through my aspirations and priorities in personal and public life, career and my own happiness.
Post session with her, I have been thinking more effectively about things I want to invest my time and energy in and have become much productive and happy in my personal life and work. I have become more disciplined, have been taking more care of my health and happiness and more empathetic with people at home and work.
I would very much recommend Gayle to my friends and family and anyone who is looking for a higher state of happiness and success in personal life and career.”


Hemant Sagar, Award-Winning Designer, Founder Lecoanet Hemant
“I did a series of one to one sessions with Gayle, who has a multidisciplinary approach to coaching. In a session she is selflessly present and and her phenomenal memory of each fine detail revealed to her make the path forward, that is learning about oneself, into a direct solution. Gayle gently guides you towards the things you don’t see about yourself but unconsciously bother you, thus hindering personal growth. “


Sonya Narain, Founder, The Quorum Club
“My life was complete madness with no clarity and I felt I was loosing control of who I was and where I wanted to be. I was not being my best at work, I felt guilty about being a “bad mom” and my personal life was heading in a toxic space….. I was just living my day to day life without really being present and happy.
I went into my first session with an open mind. Gayle has an amazing aura about her. Her approach is very clam and one feels very safe. She has the ability to make you feel ok about feeling fucked up in your head!! The conversation just flows and there are no judgments. I loved the way she asks the right questions , but making it clear that there is no right or wrong answer.
I felt a lightness within the first session. Gayle helped me to see clearly what I was unable to see. She gave me the tools to go in the direction that I was wanting to go. Every time I am unsure of something I go back to the questions she asked me.


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