I Want to

- I can support you to achieve any number of goals, both in daily life and during expanded states of awareness.

You may want to:
  • …improve myself.

    Meditate regularly for clarity and listening to your inner, true Self. My Meditation classes can kickstart the regular habit and help you to tune into your Higher Self. Take a Breathwork lesson and get a handle on your stuck emotions, traumas, blocks, sleep better and kick-in your immune response. Take my Spiritual Life Coaching Consultation to define what you want and clarify next steps.

  • … begin a regular practice as a beginner.

    The Meditation and/or Breathwork sessions offer the most comprehensive way to start at a pace you’re comfortable with and are tailored to you and where you are in your life right now. I’ll lead you through, step by step with practises that are sustainable and effective for you. I also suggest the online Foundation Awakening to Channel & Ascension course to develop your awareness of who you are beyond the physical body.

  • … establish a routine and already have experience.

    I recommend accountability with my Spiritual Life Coaching sessions and/or individual Meditation lessons, or take your consciousness further with either the Online or Private Channeling Training.

  • … achieve better sleep.

    I recommend doing the Combined Meditation & Breathwork session to reduce stress levels, boost immune system, find deep relaxation in the body and get better sleep. And/or Yoga Nidra (deep whole body relaxation) led by me, is a highly efficient way of obtaining sleep!

  • … improve focus while studying or working.

    Learn with my Meditation lessons, how to stop and recalibrate during work periods to refresh the mind and body, or Breathwork sessions to increase willpower, heighten focus and determination and increase energy levels.

  • …balance my moods/hormones and reduce stress.

    My Breathwork sessions will help balance hormones and reduce both stress and fatigue in your body. Lastly, but not least, my Meditation sessions bring peace and tranquility to mind, body and spirit.

  • … improve my health.

    I recommend a commitment to my 3 Month Spiritual Life Coaching package. This will include everything I feel you need to get you and keep you on your healing journey. I’ll be happy to collaborate with any other practitioners you may be seeing. Included in this will be techniques and tools to help you change your mindset and current beliefs, your biochemistry and energy body to a paradigm and lifestyle that is good for you. A sign up to a longer term commitment is a resolve to make significant transformation in your life.


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