Channeling Training

I have been teaching channeling for two years

I constantly revise what I teach to be more in line with our changing world, and the unique needs of the individual as they develop their skills. My training is designed to stimulate a deep process of opening to more expanded consciousness and learning to perceive beyond the five senses, open channeling abilities, connecting with the Higher Self to provide detailed information about becoming the clearest channel possible.

There are two ways to learn to channel with me:

  • Private training

  • Pre-recorded online course

5 Week Private Channeling Training


  • 5 two hour lessons online over a 5 week period
  • Practise homework given in-between lessons
  • Opportunities for discussion & feedback over experiences
  • Email guidance &support

10 Week Private Channeling Training


  • 10 two hour lessons online over a 10 week period
  • Practise homework given in-between lessons
  • Opportunities for discussion & feedback over experiences
  • Email guidance & support

Foundation Awakening to Channel & Ascension Course


In this beginner level module, we will explore energy practises and techniques for connecting to expanded consciousness, the Higher self and the foundational beliefs about channeling included will be:

  • Teachings about what channeling is and isn’t
  • How the ego affects channeling
  • Working with habitual negative mind patterns
  • Releasing negative self-beliefs that affect self-esteem and trust
  • Recognising our polarity consciousness and how it affects channeling
  • The mechanics of channeling and the different types
  • Channel self-care – how to take care of yourself as a channel
  • The importance of surrender and trust
  • Making friends with imagination
  • What partnership with a channeled entity really means
  • Specific breath work to clean the energy meridians, focus the mind, and build energy in the body
  • 10 prerecorded lessons
  • 5 techniques
  • Practise exercises
  • Includes handouts/downloads/diagrams
  • Email support

Learning to channel is a very personal and deep journey of profound humility and sacredness. It requires that the channel go deep inside, confront the ego, and process their own fears and negative beliefs so that they do not taint the channeling. My teaching will honour the sacredness of the skill of channeling and encourage students to use the channeling process and a powerful tool for their own personal and spiritual growth. I encourage students to understand the paradox of expectation when learning how to channel, being one of the biggest blocks to opening to it!  So Ultimately it is best to approach the learning with a sense of ease and fun.

"Excellent!  I highly recommend this course to everyone, whether your brand new to spiritual discoveries or an old expert on meditation, this course gives you many solid working tools to per-sue your personal spiritual understanding and a clear path to channeling."

channeling training

“Enlightening, fun, relaxed at a great pace and it’s easy to adopt the practices immediately after. Highly rated.”

channeling training

"Gayle is an excellent tutor. Gayle is professional, friendly , easy to understand and incredibly knowledgable.  Something I really liked was the practical and fearless approach to a usually blurry subject"

channeling training

"I highly recommend Gayle’s Awakening to Channelling course. I learned great techniques which I have enjoyed adding to my daily practice, and I’m looking forward to the benefits and changes that they will bring x"

channeling training

"Mind opening!  The content is meticulously put together and presented in an easy and balanced tutorial for all attending.

Exceeded my expectations"

channeling training


channeling training

"Very Good! I found it inspiring, interesting and some of it very new for me."

channeling training

"Highly rated! Everything was a discovery and I liked the group participation. Something I really liked was the way Gayle taught the meditations, adding to it each week."

"Very valuable...Gayle obviously cares so much for each and everyone involved on the course and takes the time to ensure everyone gets the point of the lessons at their own pace and level of their understanding"

channeling training

"Exceeded my expectations.  I would highly recommend this course"

channeling training


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