Purpose of the Book

The purpose of Tarp channelling this message is manifold. Firstly, Tarp aims to assist in awakening and expanding human consciousness. By sharing their insights and wisdom, they seek to guide individuals towards a deeper understanding of their true nature and the interconnectedness of all beings. They intend to help us recognise and harness our innate abilities, such as channelling energy through our intellect and accessing higher states of consciousness.


Secondly, Tarp aims to stimulate personal and collective growth. They provide guidance and support for those who are on their spiritual journeys, encouraging awareness and self-development. They aim to facilitate a shift towards a more holistic understanding of existence, moving beyond our current paradigm to acknowledge the existence of non-local consciousness and non-physical entities.


Finally, their ultimate goal is to usher in an era of greater harmony and unity within individuals and on a collective level. They believe that by raising our consciousness and embracing our potential, we can create a world that is more compassionate, balanced, and in tune with the natural rhythms of the universe.

This book could be helpful in those receptive periods in life where we might be looking for support, comfort or willingness to try new ways of being. Illuminating the practical way of framing our lives and looking into the unintegrated, natural abilities within us. Like many other books, this highlights the potential transformation we can undergo as we tap into these innate skills, enriching our lives and bringing in the sense of fulfilment that transcends reliance on external things for happiness. This book carries teachings and a message that has already been echoed a thousand times throughout our world. Each time is presented differently, from a slightly or vastly differing perspective. However, Tarps’ way of conveying this message might strike a chord with you, and it may feel more current or relevant right now. You may hear it differently. You may be feeling more receptive at this time in your life. I often recognise the same teachings presented in different ways and modalities. I always find one above the others that have more resonance with me, and to this end, this book with Tarps’ message can have that resonance with those that could really use hearing it right now.

We find ourselves in a rapidly changing world of unprecedented evolution and transformation. Yet, amidst these swift currents of change, many bravely forge a path towards truth, authenticity, peace, health, and happiness. This resilience and insight inspire me and hint at a promising positive change-filled future. I feel optimistic about our future and excited to be part of this unfolding.

However, at this juncture, listening to your inner guide is essential. It’s time for us to explore our internal landscapes, unveiling our truths and facing what we might have hidden away. In doing so, we open ourselves to new discoveries and deeper understanding. Tarps’ intention is to trigger this opening and encourage you to believe in the guidance you find within.

By integrating and developing our inherent abilities, such as transdimensional perception, we expand our understanding of reality and what it means to be human. Moreover, I believe such exploration has the potential to induce a collective awakening, triggering an expansive metamorphosis in our planet’s consciousness and fast-tracking the peaceful evolution of the human species.

 This book can be an invitation to undertake a journey of self-discovery and transformation, with the overarching aim of evolving individually and collectively. To fully become aware of what ‘Self’ means, both Individually: to understand that we are divine, worthy and unique contributors to the world and creation around us, and collectively: To realise that our differences are not really differences, what the one does effects the all and that while we can all retain our uniqueness we can act in harmony. Tarps’ message encourages us to seek truth, embrace our physical and spiritual potential and step into the boundless possibilities within us.



The Background


In the Film Star Wars, the Force is a mysterious energy field created by life that binds the galaxy together. Jedis and others sensitive to this spiritual energy are attuning to it with training and can harness its power and gain extraordinary abilities, such as levitating objects, tricking minds, premonition and telepathy. While the Force can grant users powerful capabilities, it also directs their actions. And it has a will of its own. I remember seeing this film at the cinema at the age of five; as with many others, it left a lasting impact. Since then, I have been drawn to, emotional, sometimes to the point of tears even, about the possibilities of contact with other Beings and the feeling of ‘Oneness’. This feeling of Oneness brings tears to my eyes even when I watch massive sports games in stadiums, with the tides of cheer in unison and the strength and harmony of the mass. This seeking to be closer to and understand led me to the practice of Yoga and on to become a teacher, where I loved reading the ancient yoga texts, including the Vedas and Upanishads. This ‘ineffable Oneness’ is what both scholars and mystics have spent millennia seeking to understand.


We are all part of a great dance. The rich symbolism of the bronze statues of ‘Nataraja’ comes to mind, which depict Shiva, the God of destruction and change, as the Divine Cosmic dancer, standing on and maintaining mastery over the demon of ignorance: He beats out ‘time’ on the drum in his left hand, and holds the flame of enlightened knowledge (to conquer the ignorance) in the right. Occasionally, he is also shown holding a conch shell, which signifies Om, the universal vibration. His fourth hand is raised in the gesture of fearlessness. Around his neck is a cobra that indicates the veil of illusion that prevents us from knowing our true nature as Divine. Shiva dances in a ring of flame representing samsara, or the cycle of birth and rebirth. This dance is said to lay the foundation for the ever-present change in the universe. I suppose our real-time, physical embodiment of this would be to stand firm in these qualities to help us see life more clearly. We should be learning to create a supple consciousness hence my wish to explore this.


I met with an energy facilitator, a reputable light worker, a few years ago. I was going through a challenging time, and although I had no apparent reason for seeking out this practitioner, I hoped for healing. The experience was otherworldly. As he worked on my energy, I relaxed into what I now understand as a trance-like state. To my surprise, my right hand began to twitch, followed by a strong urge to lift. What followed was a spontaneous yet slow, involuntary motion, my hand lifting, my arm gently moved outstretched towards the back of the room as if someone was pulling me, my body bending to one side. It felt like I was being moved by an unseen force, my body contorted into a shape that required no effort in my relaxed state. The practitioner assured me it was likely my higher Self, rearranging me to release specific energetic blockages. This unexpected and profound experience stayed with me. I left perplexed that day, but now I look back and see a connection to what would later happen to me when I began to channel. The idea struck me that a more significant presence of Self could be felt and experienced if I just got out of the way.


Several years ago, while living in India, I discovered I had cancer. I decided to question how I could have possibly got there. I concluded that the answers, even the solution if I was honest and earnest enough, were within. Deciding not to follow the conventional medical path of healing, I opted for my own full-time schedule of inner alchemy. My whole days were filled with self-care. This included several hours of breath work, affirmation, prayer and meditation. Meditation had gotten me through many traumatic and transformational stages in my life already, so I had confidence. I intended to engineer my physiological cellular healing response and begin a chain reaction…mind over matter… to dissolve my cancer cells and return my body to balance.


On one particular morning, an event unfolded that surpassed any previous encounters of mine, even though I’ve never been particularly religious. I experienced what many would refer to as the Christ consciousness, or to put it more plainly, an encounter with the energy of Jesus. It lasted only minutes, but again, just like my visit with the healing practitioner, without my conscious direction, my hand moved and positioned itself to the location of my former tumour. I felt the love and blissful envelopment of this consciousness. The experience changed my life. It was a humbling and beautifully overwhelming encounter unlike any I had previously had, and I remained aware throughout the entire experience.


In hopes of reliving this extraordinary moment, I repeated the same practice the following day. I asked Jesus if he would come to me again. I felt him close this time, but he did not come into my body, and there was no arm lifting. However, something else came around me, which I now know to be Tarp. Suddenly I felt a deep peace and connection as though my thoughts echoed into a tunnel, creating a sensation of telepathic communication. I could also sense the response back clear, tunnel-like communication.


The same presence returned on the third day, sticking with the winning formula practice, but Jesus did not. Realising I was making contact with something I was deeply comfortable with, I asked if they were beings of ‘light.’ They replied yes, and we were connected and had always known each other. I felt as though I existed in multiple states at once.


From then on, this consciousness began to guide my movements as soon as I focused on them. Just like I had experienced with the healing practitioner, but more pronounced and methodical. First, my right hand lifted, and then my arm extended and pulled backwards, then it pulled forwards, and then upwards. Next, my left hand twitched and started to move; the arm raised and extended and went through the same sequence. Finally, my neck rotated, and my head pulled far to the left. I heard ‘clicks’ of adjustment, and then it would move as far to the right as possible. Again ‘clicks’; then up, down, diagonally, etc. I could feel the adjustments to my alignment, releasing stiffness. My torso twisting around with the pulling of my arms would also create clicks of adjustment along my spine. I could pose questions and receive answers, the latter coming as information blocks in my mind rather than audible words or visible symbols. In a couple of weeks, this evolved to nodding my head for ‘yes’ and ‘no’. When I asked for a name, it instructed me to write ‘Tarp’. Soon after that, I was uttering yes’s and no’s along with the head nods and was prompted to vocalise a range of sounds, uttering alphabetical sounds. All of this was encouraged with strong pulls to my head, up, down, left, and right, to instigate and prompt my utterances, to get the words to leave my mouth.


This contact evolved over time into a channelling of fluent communication. ‘Tarp’, identified as a group consciousness of Andromedan origin, connected to me. Naturally, I had reservations. Could my imagination be playing tricks on me or indicate a mental health issue? Was ‘Tarp’ authentic? Despite my scepticism, I felt a benevolent connection with them. Their presence always brought coherence and bliss. Tarp’s guidance and communication seemed wiser and more articulate than anything I could imagine, and it was well-received by those around me who started putting questions to them.


Channeling felt like the most natural sensation in the world, so natural, it is hard to believe that we all cannot do it. Channelling is not how I thought it might feel when I saw others do it. I believe it is a human, innate, pure, honest connection…The real tether to Oneness and the opportunity for contact with other Beings.



Who Is Tarp

‘Tarp’ is a collective consciousness, neither male nor female, that does not inhabit a planet. They are intrinsically linked to Earth and to me. Their role is to assist sensitive individuals in awakening their consciousness, helping trigger or activate their innate understanding. The means of communication are thoughts, words, and body movements. Their communication is intended to be overtly noticeable to me, ensuring I have no doubts about the origin of the thoughts that arise.


The connection with Tarp is dependent on my focused intent. I must consciously set aside all distractions and turn my attention inward. The connection process is usually quick, yet it requires my explicit intentionality. It’s like sitting down to meditate; I close my eyes and take a moment to enjoy the serenity of shutting off the outside world and feeling centred. I then say, “Hello Gayle”, and pause, enjoying the peaceful present moment. Then I say, “Hello higher Self”. It is usually at this point my state of being or consciousness shifts. I feel bigger. I feel larger than my physical size, and I feel a field of energy around my body. I also have an awareness beyond my five senses. I then say, “Hello Tarp, are you there?” My head begins to move slowly, my hands meet each other, and they start to tap. Within a few breaths, they are speaking through me. “We are Tarp”, and so it begins.


Our relationship has evolved over time. However, from the beginning, I could vocally channel their information. With time though, this process has become smoother and less draining. My voice used to change significantly during these sessions. As time has passed and I’ve relaxed into it, I’ve been able to merge it with my speech patterns better, creating a more integrated communication style. However, Tarp still have their distinctive elements. ‘Tarp’ can be softly spoken and, at times, display a dry sense of humour and a matter-of-fact demeanour. The words they choose and their manner of articulation are distinct from mine. My interactions with ‘Tarp’ are mainly through vocal channelling or my internal dialogue. However, more recently, I have felt inspired to write, with this book serving as their first purposeful directive.


While ‘Tarp’ does not present a physical form, I’ve often visualised them as an indigo, blue, and purple light, either in my mind’s eye or as a perception just above my head. This deep-hued glow is synonymous with their presence. At times, when I’ve asked about their origin, I’ve seen visions of a barren indigo-blue planet with a blue mountain range. However, this seems less of a current physical reality and more of a symbolic representation of a past state of being.


The lessons from ‘Tarp’ have been profound. They’ve reinforced the interconnectedness of all things and have removed my fear of death, assuring me of a connection that transcends the physical realm. They’ve helped me realise that there exists a universal language which isn’t bound by our cognitive limitations. They’ve taught me to perceive less difference and more unity among us all. The impact of these teachings has led to me feeling more present and embodied. I am now more grounded, engaged in physical activities, and have a healthier sleep pattern. I worry less and find myself more present, improving my communication as a mother and a partner.


I had been working on a different writing project, a book about the mechanics of channelling, when Tarp asked me to pause and focus on this book. I can only say that Tarp’s book got written much faster. They streamed this message through me for about 2 weeks, a few hours daily. That’s because ‘I’ got out of the way.


As with most things of a metaphysical nature, one will find it hard to prove that this exchange with Tarp is real. Or to prove that Tarp are who they say they are. However, despite knowing that I’ll likely never find proof, the question I or we could ask is: Is this helpful? Maybe that’s all we can do with channelled teachings like these. For now, of course, I’ll let you decide if their words are helpful to you. Honestly, they have been for me and my family.


The Process of Channeling this Book


When I sat to channel this book, my fingers would find their place on the keyboard. There was a sense of anticipation. My eyes closed, and the external world moved to the background. I’d enter a state of pure emptiness, neutrality, and peace. Thought would dissipate, leaving a serene comfort in its place. “Hello Gayle…” A pause, a breath: “Hello Higher Self…” I’d blend into a trance state: “Hi Tarp, are you there?” And boom, I’ve switched into Tarp mode. “Yes, we are here and ready to begin.” My left finger would begin to tap, almost like it was receiving incoming data. My head would glide smoothly, moving from left to right, like a scanner seeking signals, sometimes lifting upwards, chin raised, seemingly scanning the ether.


It’s like my mind is a calm, still pond. Everything is quiet and peaceful. Then, just like ripples appear on a pond, words begin to pop into my mind out of nowhere. One sentence comes, then another and another, like a gentle stream of ripples flowing across the pond. These sentences move through to my fingertips, and without thinking, they start tapping the correct keys. Then, as quickly and naturally as the words appeared, they stopped. The pond of my mind becomes still and quiet again, pausing for a bit before the words start coming in again. In this state, I’m conscious but in a trance, and time feels collapsed.




As you delve into the following chapters, I hope this book provides valuable insights and tools to support you on your own path towards integration. As we collectively evolve, I hope we learn to embrace our spiritual selves while also cherishing and honouring our human experiences. In this wonderful exercise of integration, we discover the full magnitude of our potential.




Reflections from Gayle


The journey into understanding the realms of human consciousness is, undeniably, one of courage, curiosity, and trust. It is an expedition into realms often labelled as ‘hidden’ or ‘altered,’ territories teeming with latent truths and wisdom, yet unprovable. As I have discovered during my journey, trust and faith are necessary if we wish to find profound potential within these spheres of our existence. This integration of the hidden with the conscious is not just a personal journey, I feel, but a collective one imperative to our evolution, especially in this era of ‘shifting sands’ where artificial intelligence continues to redefine our experience of life and reality.


In researching for my own book that I was working on before Tarp streamed this one through, I’ve learned that altering our perception of reality doesn’t just change our individual experience. It sparks a ripple effect, widening our collective understanding and allowing us to see ourselves not as separate entities but as interconnected, multidimensional beings. I believe, this shift in consciousness is an invitation to rediscover our innate abilities, a call to embrace what I like to call ‘deconstructionist’ trans-dimensional experiences, which serve as catalysts for evolutionary leaps.


Such leaps require us to transcend the bounds of our ego and embrace the unknown. We must confront our fears, cultivating an openness to new experiences and realities. And as we journey through these realms, we may align more with the ancient philosophies of Advaita, moving from an individualistic mindset to a collective consciousness.


I’ve also come to understand that our evolution might not solely depend on our conscious efforts. A higher consciousness is probably guiding us, presenting us with transformative experiences, or ‘koans’, that are meant to confound us and thrust us onto new paths of growth and understanding. In my own journey, I’ve found that my experience with cancer was such a catalyst. It pushed me into a transformative journey that I am still undertaking, changing me in ways I could never have foreseen.


As we bravely explore these ‘hidden compartments’ of our consciousness, we may find that our understanding of ‘self’ expands and deepens. These compartments may not need to be dissolved. Instead, they can become translucent, offering us glimpses into the vastness of our own existence. As we nurture ourselves and encourage our psychic barriers to come down, we transform not just ourselves but our collective consciousness, dissolving fears and embracing new paradigms of being.


In this newfound understanding of reality, we may encounter other beings, or perhaps our Greater Selves. Be they inter-dimensional or extra-dimensional, I am led to believe that they await our arrival with open arms. Once we learn a common language of communication, -a language beyond our spoken word and five senses, we can meet them on common ground.


Indeed, the acceptance of trans-dimensional experiences isn’t a straightforward process for everyone. I hope this book can inspire you to embark on your journey of exploration and discovery, to unlock your own truths about Self, reality and existence. However, each journey is personal and unique; we all have our own ‘work’, and every step you take brings you closer to your profound understanding of the universe.


I hope for a future where ultimately, the development of our consciousness would lift the ‘veils’ so to speak, allow us to take our rite of passage among the galactic or inter-dimensional community and ensure that we know, categorically, that when our ‘TV set’ body stops working, our consciousness transmission can continue without the physical apparatus, existing in the imaginal realm, as diaphanous beings of light. Our Soul, therefore, is now ‘exteriorised’…our body is completely ‘interiorised’. Perhaps this is the evolutionary plan from our non-physical consciousness. I’ve heard it described as to ‘midwife of our birth into the non-physical world.’ The story of our evolution is, it seems, a story of ascension into higher awareness. And perhaps God, Cosmic Consciousness, the One Mind, compartmentalised Himself (Itself) into myriad infinite physical and non-physical body perspectives so that He/She/It may experience and grow. Therefore, a compartment in a compartment in a compartment, and so on- Each part containing the Whole. The Whole, having everything folded within it.


One of the profound lessons that emerged through my experiences with channelling was the realisation that it isn’t the ultimate destination. It is a valuable guide, a helpful tool. Yet, the most transformative moments arise when I am fully present, conscious, and alert. When I am grounded in my human identity – as Gayle, as a mother, wife, and daughter – and simultaneously open to channelling the energy of my higher Self in my daily actions, I truly connect with the breadth and depth of my being.


This delicate dance of integration, of balancing and blending our earthly existence with our spiritual essence, is a central theme that Tarp continuously emphasises. It is not about transcending our human selves but rather about incorporating the wisdom and guidance we receive into our daily lives.


The Words from Tarp.

Channeling these words from Tarp was very simple. I just had to close my eyes and connect and the words came through my mind and out onto the page. I would channel in chunks, stopping when they came to the end of a section or chapter. I’d open my eyes and look at what came out and I’d see one long stream of words without any punctuation. Very simple words it seemed, but sometimes what they were talking about seemed very abstract. While I liked the way they wrote, in a very intimate, easy to understand way, I felt that apart from adding punctuation of course, I’d need to break down what they meant.  So I was caught between wanting to keep it pure and simplistic, which may be a bit too minimal at times, or padding it out and making it wordy, which I felt might lose the purity of what had come through. So, I went through their words, and added explanations where I felt necessary, but made a point to keep it as close to the first writing that came out as possible.


From now I hand over to Tarp, where you may feel a difference as I know their energy is in the words.




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