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Hello, I'm Gayle Thomas, Ph.D., an explorer in the realm of higher consciousness and exponent of channeling energy into intellect and healing.

With a multi-disciplinary and holistic perspective, my mission is to guide individuals on their unique journeys of self-discovery and awakening.

As an accomplished channel to 'Tarp', an Extra-Terrestrial collective consciousness, I offer deep wisdom and transformative guidance to those seeking enlightenment, healing, and personal growth. My work extends beyond mere communication as I inspire and empower individuals to awaken their inherent capacity to channel and heal. Further, all the knowledge I impart — be it through my writings, research, or one-on-one readings and group events — is rooted in channeled communication. This interweaving of higher wisdom through my intellect allows me to bring forth unique insights and teachings, making channeling not just a part of my profession, but the very core of it. I believe that we all can live this way- channeling our most authentic, creative, playful energy into this world to enhance the quality of life not just for ourselves, but for each other. Here we would see a rapid metamorphosis of human consciousness, ushering in an era of peace, abundance and contact.

My professional expertise is rooted in a broad academic background. I hold a Ph.D. and Masters in Metaphysical Science, a Bachelor's Degree in Theology, and formal education in Psychology. I am an ordained Metaphysical Minister, a professionally trained Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and certified Holistic Coach. In addition, I hold certifications as a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher, with additional specializations to work with children with special needs, teens, individuals with mental illness, and athletes. I am also certified in complimentary modalities such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Access Consciousness, Reiki, and Tantric healing.

Aside from being a channeler, I consider myself a catalyst for change and awakening. I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation for 20 years and attribute my happiness to this core practice. I also triumphed over cancer through natural and alternative healing methods, demonstrating my commitment to holistic well-being and personal resilience. This journey, along with my extensive work with clients worldwide, lends authenticity and depth to my teachings, often described as ‘life-changing’.

My Ph.D. research delves into the compartmentalization of human consciousness and trans-dimensional perception, as well as comparisons between ancient yogic healing techniques and ET healing techniques. The insights from these studies provide a comprehensive guide to achieving spiritual sovereignty, holistic health, and meaningful connections.

Over the years, I have worked with a diverse clientele, from burnt-out executives and athletes to challenged teens and VIPs. As a board director of the employee engagement platform Beyond360, I advise on well-being for employees in innovative, forward-thinking companies. My approach, while advanced, is practical and sensitive, helping hundreds of clients achieve positively transformational results.


My commitment to expanding the scope of consciousness exploration and personal healing is embodied in my two upcoming books.

The first is a channeled teaching from 'Tarp,' the collective consciousness I channel, which presents an uplifting perspective on what it means to be human from an extra-terrestrial viewpoint. My second book, written from my personal experiences and insights, serves as a comprehensive guide to awakening to channeling, demystifying the process and breaking down the mechanics of connecting to higher consciousness. These works collectively underscore my mission to inspire and guide individuals worldwide on their journey towards self-realization and celestial connection.

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"Born in 63 and living a varied life full of relished discoveries, a vast mixture of pleasure and pain as the journey unravelled and a couple of close shaves of nearly dying, by 2020 I knew I had to explore my spirituality as I had had a few brushes with it but never really listened to it properly. This was the time for me to find out what it was really about, and I guess that was me awakening. I looked on line and found a couple of books but felt alone and unsure of where to start or even what it was I was looking for.
After discovering that I am in fact a light worker (My journey has started) and flirting with meditation as well as a couple of mediums, as I was searching Gayle’s name appeared, with phone number right in front of me. After a strange but relaxing call for us both I went along to see Gayle channel Tarp in London. I remember telling her how exited I was as I had discovered light working and rather than me feeling shy and silly, Gayle knew exactly what I meant and made me feel calm and comfortable.
Thanks to Gayle and the tools she helps you use to discover your own journey. I can highly recommend that you involve yourself. Gayle is a very caring, gentle soul, who can teach you and you can then choose for yourself where that takes you.
Thank You Gayle for helping me on my own path, which has now flowered, blossomed and is calm and pleasant.
Now is the perfect time to really get in touch with your spiritual side, I wish for your journey to be pleasant and enlightening as mine is. Nametse. To you all."

— Andrew, Sussex

"I had a channeling session with Tarp and it gave me something that will stay with me forever. Tarp activated in me the possibility of being happy and talked about the vibration of my soul and how important it is to match that. The way Tarp explained it and talked about it moved something in me. I still have the notes of our meeting and I sometimes go back and read them. Every time it moves something and helps me come back to my frequency."

— Cristina, Mallorca

"I’ve been impressed with Gayle’s ability to connect with higher energy. Through her insightful channeling of Tarp, Gayle has helped me to tune into a different and clearer perspective of situations which allowed me to MOVE ON. Thank you Gayle for introducing me to this experience!"

— Rosa, Bristol


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