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Hello, I’m Gayle,

Intuitive channel, Teacher, Coach.

I am a specialist in self development. I coach others by demonstrating how to connect to inner guidance, achieve inspiration, develop intuition, heal, transform and move towards enlightenment. I write, teach, give workshops, online courses and offer channeled guidance from my guides, a Consciousness called ‘TARP'.  I’ve helped hundreds of Clients from all walks of life.  My work with clients has consistently been described as ‘life-changing’. I am an ordained Metaphysical Minister with a background in teaching meditation and yoga therapy. I am an expert in holistic health, who, having had cancer myself and healing from it naturally and alternatively, welcome people who are living with chronic dis-ease.  My unique position of being able to offer both Channeled spiritual wisdom and grounded practical tools, offers a more evolved approach to personal development and self-healing.

I want to help individuals understand the nature of Our consciousness and to put this understanding into practice in daily life- giving a roadmap for sovereignty, health, joy & connection.


  • Feeling stuck
  • Facing a crisis
  • Needing clarity
  • Ready to feel inspired and energised
  • Going through transition/ transformation
  • Wanting to evolve their consciousness, work on their spiritual path, develop their extra sensory skills


  • Private Channeled Sessions

  • Spiritual Life Coaching

  • Private Meditation, Breathwork Sessions

  • Channeling training

  • Group Events & courses that cover all of the above

I channel Tarp for audience events with Q&A sessions and hands-on energy alignment & activation and give private channeled consultations.

I teach people how to meditate, how to awaken into a more expanded, but integrated consciousness and how to channel -their Higher Selves and their Guides. I hold regular events online and in-person.

There is a thriving Tarp Community of people that regularly attend Tarp events and stay connected.


I awakened to channeling abruptly and fluently following a cancer diagnosis.

In meditation, an encounter with a benevolent energy healed me and left me with a connection to the collective consciousness known as ‘TARP’. Very quickly I was able to translate their telepathic communication with words and help large groups of people for questions and answers, as well as individuals for personal and delicate matters.


“Gayle is a source of hope no matter how conflicted the world may be around us. She radiates peace, serenity and a calm sense of unconditional love. I sense that her humility and compassion combined make her an ideal channel and vessel for wisdom and healing energy to flow through. I feel a sense of ease with her, a sense of organic connection, free of pressure and free of judgment. I have a great deal of respect for her and I am grateful for the privilege to have access to her as a healer, a guide, and simply as a beautiful Spirit. I’m so glad we have the technology to connect with one another across the globe! Even calling from the US, I felt the full-scale presence of Gayle as well as Tarp in session. I also experienced physiological changes and a direct experience of my consciousness expanding. What powerful, loving energy! Experiencing a channeling session with Gayle and Tarp has also affirmed me in my path forward as a Starseed and I now have greater clarity on my Arcturian roots. It’s been life-changing. Thank you to Gayle and thank you to Tarp.”

— Megan Herrington, Chicago, USA

"Incredible, Amazing, and just Beautiful all around. Never had an experience like hers. I have been searching for someone who can channel Spirit like her. My body physically was reacting, and I was connected in a space that was all encompassing in the present moment. I was in tuned with my higher self on a conscious level."

— CD, California


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