Hello, I’m Gayle,

Intuitive channel, Author, Teacher.

Gayle Thomas, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned channeler and expert in higher consciousness and metaphysical healing. Guiding individuals on transformative journeys of self-discovery and awakening, Gayle serves as a conduit for 'Tarp', an Extra-Terrestrial collective consciousness. Through her extraordinary ability, she offers profound insights and healing to those ready to receive.

From hosting exclusive in-person events in London to working with clients worldwide, Gayle's transcendent work bridges dimensions and opens doors to celestial wisdom. With her hands, she manifests potent healing energy and verbally translates complex 'thought forms' into understandable guidance. As a result, her clients often depart with a deep sense of peace, newfound clarity, and a deeper understanding of their life’s purpose.

An ordained metaphysical minister and cancer survivor, Gayle's expertise is both personal and academic. Her upcoming book, 'Awakening to Channel', serves as a practical guide for individuals seeking to connect with their Higher Selves and channel their own Guides.

Join Gayle on a journey across dimensions, and awaken to your highest potential.


  • Feeling stuck
  • Facing a crisis
  • Needing clarity
  • Ready to feel inspired and energised
  • Going through transition/ transformation
  • Wanting to evolve their consciousness, work on their spiritual path, develop their extra sensory skills


  • Private Channeled Sessions

  • Spiritual Life Coaching

  • Private Meditation, Breathwork Sessions

  • Channeling training

  • Group Events & courses that cover all of the above

I channel Tarp for audience events with Q&A sessions and hands-on energy alignment & activation and give private channeled consultations.

Gayle teaches people how to meditate, how to awaken into a more expanded, but integrated consciousness and how to channel -their Higher Selves and their Guides. She holds regular events online and in-person.

There is a thriving Tarp Community of people that regularly attend Tarp events and stay connected.


Gayle awakened to channeling abruptly and fluently following a cancer diagnosis.

In meditation, an encounter with a benevolent energy healed her and left her with a connection to the collective consciousness known as ‘TARP’. Very quickly she was able to translate their telepathic communication with words and help large groups of people for questions and answers, as well as individuals for personal and delicate matters.

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“Gayle is a source of hope no matter how conflicted the world may be around us. She radiates peace, serenity and a calm sense of unconditional love. I sense that her humility and compassion combined make her an ideal channel and vessel for wisdom and healing energy to flow through. I feel a sense of ease with her, a sense of organic connection, free of pressure and free of judgment. I have a great deal of respect for her and I am grateful for the privilege to have access to her as a healer, a guide, and simply as a beautiful Spirit. I’m so glad we have the technology to connect with one another across the globe! Even calling from the US, I felt the full-scale presence of Gayle as well as Tarp in session. I also experienced physiological changes and a direct experience of my consciousness expanding. What powerful, loving energy! Experiencing a channeling session with Gayle and Tarp has also affirmed me in my path forward as a Starseed and I now have greater clarity on my Arcturian roots. It’s been life-changing. Thank you to Gayle and thank you to Tarp.”

— Megan Herrington, Chicago, USA

"Incredible, Amazing, and just Beautiful all around. Never had an experience like hers. I have been searching for someone who can channel Spirit like her. My body physically was reacting, and I was connected in a space that was all encompassing in the present moment. I was in tuned with my higher self on a conscious level."

— CD, California


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